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Blue Moon Gummy Pack

For an out-of-this-world high, there is Alien Labs’ Blue Moon Gummy Pack. These Hybrid cannabis-infused gummies are made with Hash

Cherry Eclipse Gummy Pack

Alien Labs’ Hash Rosin infused gummies are the first of their kind and come in their signature Alien-shaped gummiesIf that

Cosmic Coconut Gummy Pack

Alien Labs cannabis-infused hash gummies with flavor asteroids. Flavor: Coconut Lime 10mg per gummy 10 gummies per package 100mg total

Cotton Cluster Gummy Pack

Take your taste buds for a sweet intergalactic ride with Alien Labs’ Cotton Cluster Gummy Pack. Did we mention these

Lunar Orange Gummy Pack

Alien Labs’ Lunar Orange packs a tangy Orange flavor with each gummy along with a nice euphoric high! Imagine a